Spring & Summer Baby: A full list of things you will need for your baby

on March 21, 2023

To all the parents-to-be out there who are getting ready for their first parenting adventure that is due to start in Spring or Summer, I hear you! The baby products market is so confusing and full of things that sound like they are useful, practical, even necessary…but are they? This website says this, in the pre-natal course they said that…and how do you make the decision when you have never had a baby before?!

I have been there myself – I had no idea what are really the things we will use and what not.

Hopefully this article will help you navigate through the market a bit and outline the essentials you shouldn’t miss when getting ready for your baby.

Every baby is different

A little spoiler right at the beginning – no one will tell you ahead of time what you baby will be like, so most likely you will find yourself with things you have never used in the end even when it’s a thing your best friend swore about to be the number one must-have. That’s life – thank God it’s so easy these days to sell one or gift the products you didn’t make a good use of.

Spring / Summer Baby Clothes

baby muslin romper

Weather in the UK is unpredictable, but changing temperatures are typical for Spring every year. Be prepared for the colder days as well as heatwaves. The best approach when clothing a baby is layering – it’s easy to add or remove a layer as necessary to keep your baby cosy at any time.

The clothes you will need for a spring baby is very much similar to what you would buy at any other time of year, but it’s even more crucial to look for all natural materials that are airy and breathable, don’t promote sweating and minimise the risk of overheating. Try to look for 100% cotton or bamboo viscose.

I would recommend that for the start, it’s useful to have:

  • 10 baby body suits (a mix of long sleeve, short sleeve, and vests) –
  • 5 sleepsuits
  • 4 baby rompers / suits
  • 3 top layers e.g. cardigan, sweatshirt, light jacket
  • 3 pairs of scratch mitts
  • 3 pairs of socks
  • 2 sun hats / cotton baby hats

I recommend only to buy a few pieces in the First Size (sometimes “Newborn”) and focus on 0-3 months for the first set of clothes. If you are expecting twins or if there is any indication your baby could be born earlier or very small, then there is also a size “Tiny Baby”.

Spring / Summer Baby Sleep

Newborn and young babies are still developing after birth, they are no able to self-regulate their body temperature and their sweat glands are not fully developed either. They are extremely sensitive to temperature changes. Babies can easily get cold, having a very thin layer of subcutaneous fat, but they can also overheat very quickly when wrapped too warm.

It’s crucial to make sure your baby is at a comfortable temperature, not too hot and not too cold. It is advised to check temperature by touching your little one’s back right under the neck.

As per the official Lullaby’s Trust advice for safe sleep, it’s recommended to use breathable blankets from natural materials. This is especially important as the days get warmer, as man-made materials like polyester don’t allow for sufficient air circulation. 

For the first 6 months you will need

  • A baby cot / next to me cot with a quality baby mattress for the night (these should be in your bedroom)
  • Moses basket or carrycot for day naps – as they are light and mobile, you can move them between rooms and have your baby under supervision at all times during their naps and relax time
  • Fitted sheet for cot and moses basket
  • Waterproof mattress protector for both – not necessary, but practical in case of accidents and leaks
  • 1 or 2 Cellular baby blankets for the first months
  • 2 Swaddles – light muslin or light knitted bamboo swaddle
  • 2 sleeping bags (light 0.5 or 1 TOG for spring and summer)
  • Baby monitor

Spring / Summer Baby Walks & Travel

During heatwaves, when temperatures go over 30 degrees Celsius, it’s not recommended to take your newborn / few months old baby out for walks – try to go out in the morning or evening when temperatures are lower and sun is not as strong.

Even in the car, babies shouldn’t travel for a long period of time when possible and should take frequent long enough breaks from the car seat. A constant use of air-conditioning in the car that brings the temperature down and creates a significant difference in temperatures outside/inside, is not recommended.


The go to products

  • Pram with a carry cot or seat with a fully flat position – for healthy development, it is not recommended to put your baby in a sitting position before they can do so themselves. They will be sat for the most of their lives later, try not to rush it.
  • Waterproof pram cover
  • A versatile all season pram blanket
  • Car seat (if travelling by car)
  • Car seat blanket (light muslin version one for Spring and Summer)
  • Changing bag or any other spacious bag to store change of clothes, nappies, wipes, nappy bags, a changing mat, blanket, muslins,…

Spring / Summer Baby Changing & Bath time

Bath time and changing can be stressful for new parents, but there are many products that can make it a lot easier.

  • Changing mat with a waterproof protector
  • Nappies + baby wipes + nappy sacks or for reusable nappies – you will need at least 20, wet washcloths / cotton wool / bags to store used nappies)
  • Muslin squares
  • Nappy cream

Spring / Summer Baby Life Savers

Then there are some extra things that are not necessary, but they will make your life easier.

  • Pop-up tent with UPF 50+ protection from sun – perfect for relaxing in the garden
  • Baby carrier or sling
  • Travel cot
  • Sun cover for the pram
  • Pram liner / insert that promotes air circulation, provides more comfort and protects the pram

Is there anything I missed, anything you swear by? Do you have any questions about what products to choose? We would love to share our experience and advice, just pop us an email at hello@thebabyden.co.uk, we are here to help.


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