4 Most Asked Questions About Baby Moses Baskets

Baby in a crochet moses basket

When shopping for baby essentials like moses baskets, asking questions about the products safety is crucial. You have the right to make an informed choice about the products your baby will use to ensure they are as safe as possible.

The choice of baby products for sleeping nowadays may be overwhelming for new parents, but there are few basic guidelines to follow when you want to provide your little one with a safe place for their sleep. As per the official Lullaby Trust advice, a baby should sleep in their own clear, flat, separated sleep space such as a cot or moses basket.

To make your decision a little easier, we answered the 4 most frequently asked questions we get about our crochet moses baskets.

Are moses baskets safe for newborns?

Yes, moses baskets are in fact recommended as one of the safest sleep products for your new baby. When choosing a moses basket, we should be looking for a firm, entirely flat base with no raised or cushioned surfaces. The mattress should also be firm, not too thick, and ideally have a waterproof cover to avoid spread of bacteria inside the mattress.

Newborn baby in a grey crochet moses basket

The basic safe sleep guidelines should be followed also with a moses basket – the sleeping space should be clear with no pillows, toys or sleep positioners. You should only use light, breathable bedding like a cellular baby blanket or age-appropriate sleeping bag.

Up until 6 months of age, it is advised to be in the same room as your baby, especially when they sleep, day and night.

What age is moses basket suitable for?

In general, it is advised to use a moses basket up to the age of 4-6 months (varies by source), but as very baby is different and develops at a different pace, age is not the factor we should look at.

Moses baskets are deemed safe to be used up until 9kg of weight or up until your baby learns to roll over independently, whichever comes first.

Handmade crochet moses basket close up

What moses baskets should be avoided?

There is no guidance on what moses baskets should be avoided, but we recommend to look for the following:

  • a firm, flat base
  • a thin, firm mattress
  • materials used are certified safe for babies – no harmful dyes, paint or polish used anywhere on the moses basket, all fabric/textile parts should be from natural materials like cotton or wool, ideally certified

Can babies sleep in a moses basket overnight?

Yes, as long as it is placed securely, and safe sleep advise is followed. Your baby should be placed on their back with their feet touching the bottom of the moses basket and all bedding like blankets should be secured under the mattress.


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