MotulinKa: The Beauty of Handmade Baby Essentials From Crochet Moses Basket, Baby Nests to the Cosiest Car Seat Blankets

Baby in a baby nest

Are you on the lookout for the perfect essentials for your baby? Today, we're thrilled to spotlight MotulinKa, a family-run brand from Poland that marries love with superior craftsmanship in baby essentials.

Baby in a pramsuit

MotulinKa: Craftsmanship Meets Love in Every Stitch

When it comes to offering our little ones the best, nothing stands out more than MotulinKa. They say, "Children are the most important thing in the world for us". This sentiment shines through in every product they make and the selection is extensive, from crochet moses baskets and baby nests to stylish, yet practical baby clothing.

Each product, crafted in a workshop filled with passion, joy, and positivity, is a testament to their commitment to quality. Using the highest quality fabrics and anti-allergic fillings, all GOTS or OEKO-TEX certified, MotulinKa prioritises your baby’s health from day one.

Handmade baby nest




Product Spotlights: Handcrafted Essentials Tailored for Your Little Bundle of Joy

  • The Crochet Moses Basket: Our top-rated crochet moses basket by MotulinKa is where dreamy design meets function. Made from OEKO-TEX® certified cotton, it’s not just a chic addition to your nursery, but a safe haven for your baby’s peaceful sleep.

  • Premium Baby Nest: Dive into the comforting embrace of MotulinKa's baby nest. Woven from soft linen fabric, it serves as a snug, breathable space that mirrors the warmth of a mother's womb, making it a delightful space for your baby to relax.

  • Car Seat Blankets - Cosiness on the Go: The car seat blanket is now among the must-have baby essentials, ensuring warmth and safety for babies on the move. With our busy lifestyles, car seat blankets offer a practical solution to keep your baby snug during trips. Thick winter suits or jackets aren't safe for car seats, so how do you ensure warmth during quick stops? Our car seat blankets, with their quiet bow tie fastening (no loud velcro!), are the answer. 

We are not able to feature the full list of MotulinKa products in this article, so don't forget to explore MotulinKa’s diverse range, which includes elegant crochet changing baskets, nursery storage baskets, baby clothing and more.

Stay Updated with MotulinKa’s Handmade Treasures

MotulinKa is always at the forefront of crafting unique baby essentials. To keep up with their innovative designs, especially their coveted crochet moses baskets, baby nests, and car seat blankets, do follow our social media channels.

In the warm, woven world of MotulinKa, every product is a story, and we're elated to share these tales with you. Dive into the world of finest, handmade baby essentials for your little one.


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